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Hey! We want to host the safest event we can given the current environment. Ultimately we can only control so much and you're assuming some risk attending. In our experience the Holbrooke has been very thoughtful during the pandemic and have enforced county level health regulations.

The Data

Grass Valley is in Nevada County so if you're googling or required to input the county use Nevada County.

Currently it appears the COVID-19 Community Level is 🟢 Low.

CDC.gov Nevada County CA Data


We aren't requiring vaccination of every guest, but there is a very high level of vaccination across everyone attending.

We're requiring those that aren't fully vaccinated to use at-home COVID testing the day of the event, May 7th. If their test is negative they won't be attending any group events.


We're asking that all guests, vaccinated or not, take an at-home COVID test on May 7th. If you need to get tests in Grass Valley there are a couple pharmacies that may carry them.

Google Maps with Pharmacies near the Holbrooke

The Venue

The ceremony and cocktail hour will be the only events that are held outside. The dining hall will be closed, but we'll look to have the windows opened during dining to help promote good air circulation.

The reception will be held in the speakeasy, Iron Horse, in the basement of the Holbrooke which doesn't have as much acess to ventilation and we'll be at capacity with the amount of people. Guests are encouraged to come and go as they please and we anticipate people finding nearby alternatives for breaks/socializing.